Stay in our vibrant
Downtown while
visiting Ellsworth
Air Force Base

We welcome the first operational
B-21 Raider bomber crews and 
formal training units to the area!

Stay & Play
in Downtown

There are many ways to describe Downtown Rapid City. Some say it has the classic small-town America feel, some say it’s vibrant with activities, but the best for new visitors is the phrase “it will surprise you”. Whatever you’re craving during your visit – you’ll find it just a few blocks from the Rushmore Hotel. 

Amazing Dining Opportunities 

Without even exiting the lobby you’ll discover the delectable cooking of not one but two restaurants, Enigma and Privé. Enigma's "Range & Reel" menu is regionally inspired and serves exactly what the name states. On the weekends you can "Stay & Play" by enjoying an adult beverage and live music at the 445 Martini Lounge!

Local Boutiques
& Galleries

Downtown Rapid City offers a variety of local shops to help you find that and more! Just two blocks from the Rushmore Hotel you’ll find the the heart of downtown shopping and the tall teal doors of Prairie Edge Trading Company. Inside you’ll shop a vast selection of stunning Native American art, crafts, jewelry, books and more!

City of Presidents

A self-guided walking tour that features the past presidents of the United States dispersed on the corners around downtown. Start your tour outside of The Rushmore Hotel with John F. Kennedy posed holding hands with his son. This fun and educational tour will lead you all across downtown.

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